Download Salaat Time Language Files
Download the language file, go to the main menu of Salaat Time: Options > Languages > Other and then select the language file you will be using.

Language Status Language File Translators Last Updated
Bulgarian Completed Bulgarian.lan Good deed 4 you 25/04/2012
Dutch Completed Dutch.lan Abdul Rahiem 17/09/2010
English Completed English.lan N/A 17/09/2010
French Completed French.lan Anonymous 17/09/2010
German Completed German.lan Anonymous 17/09/2010
Indonesian Completed Indonesian.lan Irfan Budiman & Teddy Surya Gunawan 17/09/2010
Malay Completed Malay.lan Anonymous 17/09/2010
Romanian Completed Romanian.lan Muslim Association of Romania 17/09/2010
Russian Completed Russian.lan Anonymous 05/11/2012
Spanish Completed Spanish.lan Anonymous 23/04/2012
Turkish Completed Turkish.lan Anonymous 02/12/2010
Uyghur Completed Uyghur.lan Anonymous 30/09/2012
Uzbek Completed Uzbek.lan Anonymous 17/09/2010

Help Translate Salaat Time
We are currently in the process of translating Salaat Time into all languages. If you would like to participate in this process (translating and/or correcting) please download English.xls and send an email specifying what language you want to translate.

Be sure to contact us here before beginning as somebody may have already started with your language.