Custom Folder Files

Salaat Time 1.7 and above includes a new Custom Folder feature in preferences. You can collect all your Athans, Quran recitations and images in your custom folder. At Salaat Time a random file will be selected from your folder.

You can find on this page all the files included in Salaat Time to include in your custom folder as well as additional files you may use.

If you have Athan files (*.wav) please send them to contact [at] salaattime [dot] com and we will include them on this page.

Fajr Athans

Other Athans

Al Aqsa (0.4MB) Cairo 1 (0.4MB) Cairo 2 (0.3MB) Damsacus (0.8MB) Makkah (0.4MB)

Makkah 2 (0.5MB) Cairo 3 (0.5MB) Jordan (0.3MB) Turkey (2.0MB) Athan Other 01 (5.2MB) Athan Other 02 (4.0MB) Athan Other 03 (6.5MB) Athan Other 04 (4.0MB) Athan Other 05 (Al Qatami) (23.2MB)


Bismillah 1 (10Kb) Bismillah 2 (18Kb) Bismillah 3 (28Kb) Bismillah 4 (25Kb) Bismillah 5 (38Kb)

Selected Suras

Sura 1. Al-Fatiha (77Kb) Sura 31. Luqman (1.0MB) Sura 54. Al-Qamar (0.7MB) Sura 93. Ad-Duha (103Kb) Sura 94. As-Sarh (60Kb) Sura 103. Al-Asr (53Kb) Sura 107. Al-Maun (71Kb) Sura 108. Al-Kawtar (37Kb) Sura 109. Al-Kafirune (64Kb) Sura 112. Al-Ihlas (36Kb) Sura 113. Al-Falaq (53Kb) Sura 114. An-Nas (66Kb)

All Suras from Quran (156MB)

Selected Ayaat

Al-Baqarah [155-157] (107Kb) Al-Baqarah [177] (131Kb) Al-Baqarah [238] (24Kb) Ayaat Al-Kursi [2.255] (109Kb) Al-Baqarah [285-286] (201Kb) Al-Anam [151-153] (173Kb) Hud [111-115] (151Kb) Al-Kahf [1-10] (211Kb) An-Naml [17-19] (104Kb) Al-Ahzab [34-35] (146Kb) Al-Hadid [20-23] (241Kb) Al-Alaq [1-5] (45Kb)


Iqama 1 (0.2MB) Iqama 2 (0.2MB) Iqama 3 (0.2MB) Iqama 4 (0.2MB) Iqama 5 (0.2MB)


All Image Files (0.4MB)