Commentary ~ Why have you come here?

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

During the reign of the just Khalifah Umar Ibn Al Khattab (RadiAllahu Anhu), one of the many battles that ensued was the wars against the Persian Empire.

One of the great military commanders and heroes of the Muslim armies, Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas (RadiAllahu Anhu), sent one of his messengers to meet with Roostum, the leader of the Persian army. That man was Rabi Ibn Aamir (RadiAllahu Anhu).

Rabi Ibn Aamir (RadiAllahu Anhu) was a very poor man, who came riding to see Roostum on a short legged, hairy horse. His sword was wrapped in an old piece of cloth, as he could not even afford a proper sheath for it. In fact his whole attire was very modest, humble and inexpensive.

The Persians, having received word that a representative of the Muslim general was coming to meet them, prepared for this meeting as they would according to their custom. Rich and luxurious carpets were laid out. Heavily embellished cushions and rugs were spread, rich brocades and robes. Royal guards stood to attention in the court of Roostum, along with his advisors and delegates. It was indeed the proper preparation for such a high level meeting as was customary for the Romans and the Persians.

What they envisioned from the representative of the Muslims was that he would come in a similar fashion. What actually happened was not what the Persians expected.

Rabi Ibn Aamir (RadiAllahu Anhu) comes straight into the hall, without permission, onto the rugs and carpets while still mounted on his horse. The delegates cry out and try to stop him, but he ignores them and carries on. He then dismounts, with his weapons at which point the Persian guards try to stop him. They tell him that he is not to enter with his weapons. So he replies to them:

“Well, you are the ones who invited me. So you either let me in, with my arms, or I am going to leave.”

The guards are told by Roostum to allow him to enter, so Rabi Ibn Aamir (RadiAllahu Anhu) strides forward, with his weapon blades poking holes into the rugs as he walks over them, leaving gashes and marks upon them.

Roostum asked, “Why have you (The Muslims) come here (Persia)?”

This poor Bedouin Muslim replied with the following, timeless and enthralling words:

“Allah the Most Glorious the Most High has sent us, to deliver you, from worshipping the creation, to worshipping the Creator of the creation; and deliver you from the constriction of this world, to the vastness of this world and the Afterlife; and from the oppression of religions to the justice of Islam.”

The effect of his words, on the laymen people surrounding Roostum, was deep and profound.

Rabi Ibn Aamir (RadiAllahu Anhu) was saying that we (The Muslims) have come to remove your people from being the slaves of each other to being the slaves of the Lord of the Universe and all Creation. To remove you from servitude of this human king (you are all sitting on the floor and he is sitting on a throne), to serving the One whose Throne extends across the Heavens and the Earth.

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