Commentary ~ The Root of Piety

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Here is an anecdote of Sheikh Chaqiq Balkhi:

“On he who falls a decree of destiny must show resignation. Whoever, during trials, despairs and weeps is like a person who has seized a spear to fight against the Lord Most High.” He also said: “The root of piety is the fear of the Lord Most High and refraining from all that is forbidden. The failure of men is due to three reasons: One is that they commit sins and that they lull themselves in the hope of doing penance later, the other is that they are in no hurry to do penance, because they feel that they will live a long life, and the third is that many people on the pretext that Allah’s Mercy is great, die without doing penance after spending their days in heedlessness. The Lord Most High, at the moment of death, doubles the intensity of life for those of his servants who served faithfully, while Allah makes them similar to the dead, even during their lives, the bad servants who are addicted to sinning.” “What I like above all, he said, is to receive a guest in my home, because while the guest only eats what has been destined to him by Allah, I participate in the reward promised to those who give from their wealth.”

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