Commentary ~ Strong and Victorious

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Jubayr bin Noufayr (MAPH) says: “When Cyprus was conquered, its inhabitants were separated from each other and lamented with one another. Abu Ad-Darda (MAPH) sat alone weeping. I approached him and said: “O Abu Ad-Darda, why are you weeping in a day when Allah made powerful Islam and the Muslims”? “Woe to you”, he replied, “nothing is easier to Allah than those who neglected His orders. This is a nation that was strong and victorious and enjoyed a great kingdom who have become humiliated and defeated because they had abandoned the teachings of Allah.” (Reported by Abu Naim).

MAPH: May Allah be pleased with him

The Companions of the Prophet (Hayat-Assahaba)
By Muhammad Youssef Al-Kandahlawi – Volume II
Translated by Fawzi Chaaban
Publisher: Dar El Fikr – Beirut / Lebanon

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