Commentary ~ Degrees of Fear

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Here is a saying of Hassan al-Basri, one of the Tabi’en (second generation after the Companions RA).

“There are three degrees of fear: the first is to always tell the truth, the second is to keep his person away from all works that the Lord most High does not love, the third is to behave so as to see ones acts accepted by Allah.” And he added, “A mitzqal (about six and a half grams) of fear is better than a thousand mitzqal of fasting and prayers.” The most excellent of all works is the practice of fear and reflection on one’s own acts. One whose heart does not go hand in hand with ones tongue (speech), whose exterior and interior are not in unison, bears on him the imprint of hypocrisy. The true believer is the one who makes efforts constantly to not fall into hypocrisy, who does not do anything that one should not do, that never utters a word that one must not say.”

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