Commentary ~ Allah was indeed Pleased with Their Deed!

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

A man went to the Prophet (SAWS) and said, “O Messenger of Allah! Indeed I am extremely hungry.” The Prophet (SAWS) sent a message to one of his wives, asking, “Do you have any food with you?” She said, “No, by the One Who has sent you with the truth, all I have with me is water!” He then sent messages to all of his wives, asking the same question, and the answer of each one of them was, “No, by the One Who has sent you the truth, all we have with us is water.” Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) said to his Companions: “Who will be a host tonight, may Allah have mercy on him?” A man from the Helpers (the Ansar) called Abu Talhah (may Allah be pleased with him) stood and said, “I, O Messenger of Allah.”

He went to his house and asked his wife, “Do you have any food with you?” She said, “All I have with me is a little bit of food for our children.” He said, “Give excuses to them, and try to make them go to sleep! And when our guest comes, make him think we are also eating as he puts his hand forward to eat. Then go to the lamp and pretend that you are fixing it, but instead put it out. And give him the impression that we are eating, so that our guest eats and fills himself.”

She did what her husband asked her to do: she made her children sleep hungry, she placed the food before the guest, she stood to turn the lamp off – but she was giving the impression of simply adjusting the lamp. Then she sat with her husband and with the guest for the meal. They sat idle as the guest ate.

On the following day, he went to Allah’s Messenger (SAWS), who said to him: “Tonight Allah laughed, or wondered at your action.” And then the following Verse was revealed:

“And give them preference over themselves, even though they were in need of that.” (Quran 59:9)

SAWS: May Allah exalt his mention and protect him from imperfection

Gems and Jewels
Compiled by: Abdul-Malik Mujahid
Publisher: Maktaba Dar-us-Salam
ISBN: 9960-897-59-1
Page 108

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