Commentary ~ A Wise Man

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Here is a saying of Hassan al-Basri, one of the Tabi’en (second generation after the Companions RA), born in the year 21 (641-642), died in the year 110 (728-729).

Hassan Basri said: “He is a wise man who takes care of his interests of the other life without worrying that his temporal prosperity is not damaged. Whoever knows the Lord Most High sees his love for Him increasing day by day; anyone who knows this fleeting world considers it an enemy. The intelligent man is one who puts a firm brake on his passions and holds the bridle with a firm hand. Take a good look at what happens to the affairs of this world for someone who dies, because they will be exactly the same for you after you die. It was out of love for the earthly world that the infidels worshiped idols.” And he added: “Whoever highly values gold and silver, the Most High Lord will cause him to fall into debasement at the end. Only order others what you yourself can do.” He also said: “Anyone who reports the words of others to you is able to relate your own words to others. Do not give access to such a character near your person. On the Day of Resurrection it will be necessary to give an account not only of all that one will have eaten oneself, but of all that one will have made to eat to his father, his mother or his grandchildren (…) For each prayer that you will make without meditation, the punishment will follow closely behind.”

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