Commentary ~ A Pious Man

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

A pious man is of unshakable faith. His faith is strong and accompanied by conviction. He yearns for knowledge. He is independent, but moderate. He submits completely to Allah when he prays. He remains noble even when poor. He shows patience in times of difficulty. He always seeks legal (halal) sustenance. He is full of enthusiasm for the straight path. He is careful not to be stingy. He has no reprehensible desires. He controls his anger. Everyone expects him to be good to them, and no one can think he wants to hurt them. He does not speak unkindly. He speaks softly. He does nothing reprehensible. All that he does is desirable. He is calm even in times of disturbance. If he is at ease, he is grateful to Allah. He does not commit a sin for the love of a friend. He does not offend others by insulting or defaming them. He does not harm his neighbor. He suffers difficulties, but others have nothing to fear from him. He strives to obtain salvation in the Afterlife, but he does not harm anybody. If he approaches someone, it is because he has affection and kindness for that person. He doesn’t avoid another person by vanity, nor does he befriend another person to fool him.

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